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Barbara J. Goldsmith & Company has an extensive reputation of both unmatched knowledge in multiple areas of environmental expertise, and the ability to bring together experts from around the world to provide clients with unparalleled resources. The Company provides opportunities for experts (including lawyers, engineers, biologists, economists and others) to come together to discuss cutting edge issues, collaborate on relevant projects, and share their expertise with the Company’s clients.


Barbara J. Goldsmith & Company has been providing environmental consulting services to clients for over twenty years, and has amassed extensive experience in a number of fields.  The Company has not only provided direction to the Ad-Hoc Industry Natural Resource Management Group - recognized as industry’s leading group on Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration and now the related EU Environmental Liability Directive - since 1988, but has a long track record of assisting industrial and other clients in diverse aspects of environmental management and related policy and practice issues.


Barbara J. Goldsmith & Company has managed and facilitated numerous meetings, workshops and symposia for client groups and broad sets of stakeholders. The Company’s relationships with industry, business and industrial trade groups, consulting firms, and governments (in the United States and Europe) ensure that the appropriate parties are engaged in the appropriate discussions. The Group has also created and maintains a number of electronic and other data sets for the Company’s clients. Through extensive bibliographies, electronic databases, document files and other methods, the Company ensures that its clients have access to the information they need.


Barbara J. Goldsmith & Company is on the cutting edge of policy and practice developments in multiple environmental issues, and has the required expertise to analyze how these developments apply to its clients’ businesses, needs and goals. Clients rely on the Company to not only keep them informed of new developments but what they mean to the state of the art and their own bottom line.