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The Company

About Barbara J. Goldsmith & Company

Barbara J. Goldsmith & Company is in its 38th year of operation. With offices in Washington, DC and Brussels, Belgium -- and a worldwide reach -- our consulting firm specializes in high level national and international environmental policy issues and corporate environmental management. The company provides strategic advice, analytical and litigation support, project management, preparation of diverse external and internal documentation on the full gamut of environmental and energy issues with special emphasis on risk management, environmental and product stewardship and natural resource liabilities and opportunities. Services are provided to individual industrial companies in every sector, groups of companies seeking common information and advocacy development, law firms, consulting firms, multinational organizations and others. Our clients include some of the largest industrial companies in the world. Within these companies, we work closely with a wide wide rangeof legal, technical, public affairs, and risk management personnel from Chief Executive Officer to General Counsel to Washington and Brussels representatives to plant managers. We are currently engaged in partnerships and collaborations with both government and private sector entities in over 30 nations. The firm was founded in 1986 and was headquartered in Cambridge, MA until 2003.

We are exceptionally well-positioned to assist companies in defining and managing strategic approaches to corporate environmental goals; evaluating the wide set of natural resource issues that will arise as energy exploration practices (e.g., offshore and artic oil drilling, shale natural gas extraction, etc.) are refined and expanded; serving as a leader in analyzing and communicating the substantive implications, planning needs and compliance requirements of emerging regulatory and liability matters (e.g. climate change, fracking, etc.); identifying, selecting and managing outside experts needed for site specific and other needs; providing support directly and via outside counsel relative to pending environmental legal challenges; advising and assisting in related communications in crisis situations involving environmental issues; and more. We are unsurpassed in our knowledge and ability to help companies affected by natural resource damages and related liability regimes worldwide.

Our practice spans a broad range of environmental, natural resource, energy and land development/restoration issues and we are often on the cutting edge of these matters (e.g., biodiversity, sustainability, climate change policy). Much of our expertise concerns the interrelationship between environmental issues and industrial planning, operations and productivity in five practice areas: corporate environmental management; litigation support; national and regional environmental policy; legislative and regulatory analysis; and international environmental planning. We pioneered "sustainable development" considerations long before the term came into common use and we have been national leaders in the natural resource damage assessment and restoration arena. Since the company was founded, there have been vast changes in corporate environmental practice. Rapidly evolving national and international environmental and economic policies have created an impetus for optimization of environmental, energy and resource allocation decisions, which in turn create new risks and opportunities. We welcome inquiries from potential clients, partners and collaborators.

Assistance is provided in five broad areas:

  • Legislative/Regulatory Analysis and Innovation
  • Global, National and Regional Environment and Energy Policy
  • Corporate Environmental Management and Strategy
  • Litigation/Mediation Support
  • International Environmental Planning

Environmental areas covered include:

  • Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration
  • EU Environmental Liability Directive
  • Resource Inventories and Restoration
  • Sustainable Business Initiatives and Corporate Environmental Stewardship
  • Air Quality Management including Greenhouse Gases
  • Emissions Trading and Permitting
  • Cross-Media Environmental Management including Risk Evaluations
  • Environmental Aspects of Land Development including Brownfields
  • Comparative International Environmental Law
  • Environmental and Energy Technology Evaluation
  • Environmental Information to Optimize Policy and Business Decisions