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  • Barbara J. Goldsmith & Company ("BJGCO") Began its 37th Year on January 1, 2023!
  • Thanks to the nearly 100 participants in the 2022 Natural Resources Symposium convened on September 15-16, 2022 by the Ad-Hoc Industry Natural Resource Management Group (a program of BJGCO) in cooperation with The George Washington University Law School, Environmental Law Institute, and others.The Symposium constitutes a unique multi-stakeholder examination of US and worldwide natural resource related law, policy and practice with a strong focus on innovative and cutting-edge solutions. This year’s theme: “How Recent Events Have Affected Natural Resources Law and Policy and Highlighted the Importance of Public/Private Collaborations to Advance Shared Objectives". Follow up actions are underway. Contact us for ways to be involved.
  • We Continue to Expand Our Worldwide Reach on the Ever Changing and Wide Array of Environmental and Energy Matters of Our Day, including Climate Policies, Energy Exploration and Development, Existing and Emerging Liability Regimes, Environmental Stewardship, Sustainability and More.
  • President Barbara J. Goldsmith is Available for Speaking Engagements, Consultations, Advisory Committees, Writing and More.
  • The Ad-Hoc Industry Natural Resource Management Group - a Program of Barbara J. Goldsmith & Company Founded in 1988 is Unique Nationally and Internationally and Has a Long and Respected Track Record Concerning the Nexus Between Industrial, Energy and Transportation Activities and Natural Resources (air, land, water & species).

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We are a small consulting firm with a global reach specialized in helping individual companies and groups of companies address complex environmental and energy policy and practice issues. Our clients include some of the largest companies in the world.

Barbara J. Goldsmith & Company's work includes all environmental media - air, water, land, groundwater; a full range of cutting edge issues, including climate change, fracking and other energy exploration activities and biodiversity; and positioning and plans related to corporate social responsibility, environmental stewardship and sustainability.

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